So, what is Hallwaze?

Quick communication platform for everyone

Communicate quickly with Posts. Share it privately with few or within group.

Use Poll to collect team's opinion. Broadcast your company news and announcements to keep everyone updated.

Manage Tasks, Events, Calendar, Files and multimedia content at one place. Tag your activities and assets with #hashtag for easy searching.

With Hallwaze, make a quicker and better decision together for enhanced productivity.

Control access to information

Share privately with individuals or discuss in Closed and Private Groups. Ever need to communicate with external users (vendors and clients), use External Groups.

Maintain the sanity and sanctity with features like Profanity filter, Report Offensive & Administrative Controls.

Stay connected

Never miss an important discussion while on move. Receive updates and notifications quickly with Android and iPhone applications - feature rich yet simple to use.

Apps are available on -

Realtime messaging with Hallwaze Beats

Communicate with your team in realtime with Hallwaze Beats application. Concerned about your communication privacy, switch on OTR (off the record) and your message won't be stored on server.

Integrate other apps using Webhook and receive incoming notifications at one place.

Hallwaze Beats is available on Web, iPhone and Android.

Give it a try, for Free!